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Have you reached a point in your life that calls for transformation?
Do you feel burned out or empty and are longing for new power, liveliness and inspiration?
Do you ask yourself, why you don't find an adequate partner or why your relationships keep failing?
Do you wish for a fulfilling relationship at eye-level, but keep repeating the same patterns?
Do you sense that there is a lot more possible in your life than what you are experiencing right now?

Then you are at the right address!

For 12 years I have been supporting people in dissolving inner boundaries and getting into their full power
so that they can create a fulfilling life with healthy, respectful relationships.

To change something in your life you only need to make a decision. Are you ready for real transformation?
I am looking forward to supporting you!

Best wishes,

Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt



Relationship Trainings

In order to permanently create and live fulfilling relationships in your life, you need certain skills so that you can avoid the classic relationship traps. Various training formats are available to you so that you can take your next steps.

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Coaching Programs

Do you have a very specific topic that you would like to solve for yourself, together with your partner or maybe with your team in the company? In the intensive coaching programs we dedicate ourselves to your very special needs and together we create new possibilities for more authenticity and satisfaction, liveliness and togetherness.

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Peak Experience Trainings

The Peak Experience trainings open up a completely new world of experience for you. How would it be for you to find your inner rhythm in a magnificent mountain setting, to grow beyond yourself and learn innovative skills that enable you to be more lively and powerful, to act centered and flexible and to ignite your inner inspiration? Experience the magic of the mountains!

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Customer References


'I already had investigated deeply into several advisory books for happiness, psychology and NLP, but I never experienced something similar as with Nicola. I went to the coaching with a specific topic, on which I had given up hope. NEVER had I thought that such a topic can be resolved in 1,5 hours. I am certainly still on my way, but I am proud and grateful to have done this first step. I really want to recommend this adventure, this gift to everybody who is still hesitating.'
A. Cleven, Munich


'The work with Nicola was wonderful for me - so many insights, impulses and new awareness. I already experienced different coachings, but what I experienced with Nicola was unique in the following aspects: 1) Clarity, Leading - I always felt led (I didn't have to 'pay attention') and at the same time I could feel and decide totally free what my next step was, 2) Intensity - my wish always is to get to the deepest possible layer that wants to show, 3) Effektivity - it is incredibly what I could realize in 2 hours.
K. Demmel, Herrsching


'How does a fulfilling relationship at eyey-level between two adults work? 3 months ago, I only had a vague answer or idea. I thought I already knew a lot, but at the same time I also knew that there was a lot more to discover. I took the journey with Nicola. Thanks to the processes during the program I got the possibility to transform myself completely as a human being and a woman, who is in relationship with her husband. Nicola is one of the best coaches I know.'
Simone, Ludwigsburg


'After the training Ifeel gratitude and joy. I got new clarity and feel joy that such a training with such an immense potential is available. The accomplishment of the training through the trainers was very special. They were amazing, loving and selflessly. The training is well documented and actively provides you with tools, which allow for immediate depth.'
C. Scheeck, Steckborn (Schweiz)


'I feel glad, because I got so many new insights and could also experience some cleaning process work. I feel touched by the power of Possibility Management and by how the tools really work. It was furthermore very special that the trainers presented themselves in a human way other trainers would never dare to.'
S. Ostermair, Ismaning


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