What my clients say


A. Cleven, Munich

I already had investigated deeply into several advisory books for happiness, psychology and NLP, but I never experienced something similar as with Nicola. I went to the coaching with a specific topic, on which I had given up hope. NEVER had I thought that such a topic can be resolved in 1,5 hours. I am certainly still on my way, but I am proud and grateful to have done this first step. I really want to recommend this adventure, this gift to everybody who is still hesitating.



K. Demmel, Herrsching

The work with Nicola was wonderful for me - so many insights, impulses and new awareness. I already experienced different coachings, but what I experienced with Nicola was unique in the following aspects: 1) Clarity, Leading - I always felt led (I didn't have to 'pay attention') and at the same time I could feel and decide totally free what my next step was, 2) Intensity - my wish always is to get to the deepest possible layer that wants to show, 3) Effektivity - it is incredibly what I could realize within 2 hours.


Katja & Dirk, Traunstein

A friend recommended Nicola to us. We wanted to do couples coaching on the topic of communication because, although our relationship itself worked very well, we always had the same potential for conflict in some situations. Within a very short space of time, Nicola revealed the full range of dynamics in our relationship, which continued to spark discussions. The coaching far exceeded our wildest expectations and was eye-opening in the truest sense of the word. Now we can interact with each other in a completely different way and the old conflicts are history. Nicola approaches the topics professionally and holistically. We heartily recommend Nicola! Thanks for the great support!


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