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The topic New Work has been a worldwide movement since 2014 that has the purpose of transforming the business world towards a sustainable collaboration, since old structures and procedures turn out to be no longer sustainable.

Here you find interesting articles from Nicola Nagel about this special topic. The free download is possible by clicking on the pdf symbol.

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2018-06-15 NEW WORK: New Rules Do Not Create a New Context
2018-02-10 NEW WORK: Culture Eats Structure for Breakfast
2017-12-12 NEW WORK: Reflective Questions at the Turn of the Year
2017-10-13 NEW WORK: 4 Essential Aspects to Avoid Stress and Burnout
2017-08-14 NEW WORK: Organisational Resilience - How Fulfilled and Inspired are Your Employees?
2017-06-14 NEXT CULTURE WORK: Stagnancy or Change? The Challenge of Escaping the Old.
2017-04-13    NEXT CULTURE WORK: Do companies without hierarchy really exist? - Clarification of a mistakable term in the New Work movement.
2017-02-14 NEXT CULTURE WORK: Organizations in Transition – Expectations and Concepts Block Creativity
2016-12-14 NEXT CULTURE WORK: Time for Deceleration - A Shift to Being With
2016-10-13 NEXT CULTURE WORK: A New Kind of Appraisal Interview
2016-08-16 NEXT CULTURE WORK: The Top-Down Approach is Outdated – The (R)Evolution Starts With YOU!
2016-06-15 NEXT CULTURE WORK: Do you work for money or for something greater? – A new perspective on salaries.
2016-04-12 NEXT CULTURE WORK: Strength Through Vulnerability
2016-02-15 NEXT CULTURE WORK: 4 Essential Components for More Liberty in the Workplace
2015-12-15 NEXT CULTURE WORK: Who am I in the Company? – Ideas about a New Kind of Job Title
2015-10-15 NEXT CULTURE WORK: Being in Service of something Greater
2015-08-15 NEXT CULTURE WORK: How the Fear of Making Mistakes Blocks Companies
2015-06-15 NEXT CULTURE WORK: The 3 Essential Components of Evolution
2015-04-14 BUSINESS SPECIAL: Teamwork – How to Deal with Denying Forces
2015-02-16 BUSINESS SPECIAL: Motivation of Employees – The Different Impact of Rules versus Distinctions
2014-07-15 BUSINESS SPECIAL: Next Culture Organization - Sustainability and Fulfillment at Work
2014-04-15 BUSINESS SPECIAL: The dilemma of human resource development in times of rapid change

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