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When it comes to persistent patterns, it is not enough to understand them intellectually and have them resolved emotionally. They usually come from early imprints that are anchored in your so called energetic field and therefore have an impact on the emotional, intellectual and physical levels. It is therefore important to harmonize them on the energetic level so that you don't continue to reproduce them in your life. This is exactly what the energetic work is dedicated to.


The Grid: a new energetic structure

To change imprints in the origin, one possibility is to set a so-called light language grid. The light language comes from the ancient cultures of the Mayas and Aztecs. This knowledge was preserved there over the centuries and passed on from one generation to the next. Light language is a language of sacred geometry and colors. Plato was probably the best known of the wise men who recognized that geometry was the original language of creation (hence “sacred”). The language of light is a type of communication in which colored light is combined with sacred geometry and put together in a special structure (a so-called grid). This individually composed structure is then placed in the client's energetic field and harmonizes the imprint in the energetic field.

There are different grids. The number tells you how many shapes and color combinations the grid contains.

  • 7 or 12 grid: This harmonizes the chakra system and initially sets you up, investment: 90 euros including VAT.
  • 49er Grid: This grid is set for very specific topics that you want to resolve. Investment: 225 euros including VAT.
  • 144 Grid: With this grid we are writing a completely new blueprint for areas in your life that are stubborn and cannot be fully resolved with the help of a 49 grid. Investment: 750 euros including VAT.



Multidimensional Cube Field

In order to change a stubborn imprint in your energetic field, the second option is - apart from a light language grid - to set a so-called multidimensional cube field. This is extremely powerful, because it restructures your energetic field and at the same time realigns you by incorporating different dimensions: on the one hand, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. On the other hand, the dimensions of past, present and future. In addition, the dimension of direction is taken into account (similar to the cardinal points or the elements), as well as others. The advantage of a multidimensional cube field is that it remains stable for 5 to 7 years. This means that no matter what direction you take in your life, it will ensure that you achieve your corresponding goal. In order to create a multidimensional cube field, it can be helpful to do a discovery session beforehand in which we reveal all of your imprints. In any case, we work together online via Zoom to determine the goal, the direction and the corresponding attributes for the cube field. After the multidimensional field has been set, you will receive an image that represents your individual cube field.

Investment: 250 Euros including VAT (for the Zoom session + the creation of the cube field)



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What my clients say


K. Demmel, Herrsching

The work with Nicola was wonderful for me - so many insights, impulses and new awareness. I already experienced different coachings, but what I experienced with Nicola was unique in the following aspects: 1) Clarity, Leading - I always felt led (I didn't have to 'pay attention') and at the same time I could feel and decide totally free what my next step was, 2) Intensity - my wish always is to get to the deepest possible layer that wants to show, 3) Effektivity - it is incredibly what I could realize within 2 hours.


A. Cleven, Munich

I already had investigated deeply into several advisory books for happiness, psychology and NLP, but I never experienced something similar as with Nicola. I went to the coaching with a specific topic, on which I had given up hope. NEVER had I thought that such a topic can be resolved in 1,5 hours. I am certainly still on my way, but I am proud and grateful to have done this first step. I really want to recommend this adventure, this gift to everybody who is still hesitating.



C. Warkentin, Konstanz

I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Nicola. She accompanied me through my fear of loss and gave me many helpful tools that can be easily implemented in everyday life. I felt a change after the first session and I'm excited to see how it will affect me over the next few weeks. I can now deal differently with certain situations that have triggered me greatly in the past and can perceive and understand myself and my feelings. The coaching is very in-depth and gets to the root of the problem so that it can be resolved sustainably. Thank you for the wonderful support and your valuable work.



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