The Relationship Queen Program for Women

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What am I supposed to do?

Most women want fulfilling relationships in which they experience appreciation, but very few experience this in everyday life. Instead, many quickly feel hurt or misunderstood and collect more and more resentment against their partner over time.

  • Are you dissatisfied in your relationship because instead of closeness, respect and appreciation, you repeatedly experience tedious discussions, energy-sapping arguments or cool distance with your partner?
  • Do you keep falling into the same relationship traps or patterns and finally want to break out?
  • Or are you wondering why you repeatedly attract the same type of man and why your relationships keep failing?

Maybe you also tend to maintain harmony, please your partner and feel like you do everything for him. But even that doesn't lead to the desired success. Ultimately, it leads to you feeling unseen in the relationship, increasingly struggling with doubts, and your energy and self-worth dwindling more and more.

Do you know this? If you want to break out of this old cycle, the Relationship Queen program is just right for you.


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What you can expect

The Relationship Queen program is made up of different components, e.g.:

  • Face-to-face coaching (in Donauwoerth) and/or online coaching.
  • A holistic coaching approach that takes into account the physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic levels.
  • Supervision via Zoom.
  • If necessary, correction of the energetic alignment.
  • Tailor-made questionnaires, exercise sheets and reflection documents for your specific topics.
  • Ongoing support via email, messenger and phone for the duration of the program.

Duration: The duration of the coaching program depends on your needs. After an initial introductory coaching session (approx. 2 to 2.5 hours), experience shows that a further program takes between 1.5 and 4 months, depending on how far you want to go.

Investment: Individually depending on the content and duration of the program. Please ask.



You are interested or have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me! 


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What my clients say


Simone L., Ludwigsburg

How can a fulfilling relationship at eye-level between two adults be achieved? I had a vague answer to this three months ago, an idea, a gut feeling. I thought I already knew a lot, but at the same time I knew there was a lot more to discover. I embarked on a journey with Nicola through the Relationship Queen program. Through the processes during the program, I was given the opportunity to recalibrate and even completely transform myself as a person and woman who is in a relationship with her husband. Nicola is one of the best coaches I know.




C. Warkentin, Konstanz

I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Nicola. She accompanied me through my fear of loss and gave me many helpful tools that can be easily implemented in everyday life. I felt a change after the first session and I'm excited to see how it will affect me over the next few weeks. I can now deal differently with certain situations that have triggered me greatly in the past and can perceive and understand myself and my feelings. The coaching is very in-depth and gets to the root of the problem so that it can be resolved sustainably. Thank you for the wonderful support and your valuable work.


Jana Glück, München

I wish every woman the relationship queen program! It can't be compared to anything (and I know a lot)! Everything is thoroughly thought out, professionally done and with heart! Inspired by the task and implemented with a personal competence by Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt, appreciative, committed to the self-confident lives of women and fulfilling relationships! I learned so much, so much new about relationships in general, about the differences between women and men and their relationship lives and needs. I can recommend this program to every woman, without exception! I love my new skills! And I love and live my relationship completely new!



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Free women's community!

In my amazing women's power community on Facebook, you'll get:

  • Regular suggestions in the form of posts or live videos on how to change your unconscious relationship patterns so that a fulfilling relationshipbecomes possible.
  • Insights into how men and women tick differently in relationships.
  • Insightful information on how you as a woman can tap into your feminine power in order to confidently create a fulfilling relationship.
  • A women's community where you meet women who are at the same point as you. You're not alone.



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E-Book: Relationship quick tips for everyday life

In many relationships there is a big question mark for women and men. Why do we always have tedious discussions in everyday life, energy-sapping arguments, or interactions that only scratch the surface but do not allow for deeper encounters? It's because most are often unaware of the hidden dynamics undermining the relationship.

This e-book contains

  • 30 pages of pure inspiration and specifically contains:
  • Clarity about the mistakes that women often make unconsciously in their relationships & insights into how differently men and women tick in relationships.
  • Valuable everyday tips on how women can break through the old dynamics.
  • Practical exercises and experiments that you can integrate directly into your everyday life.

Currently only available in German.

Download now for 10 Euros

Hint: The E-Book is sold via digistore24






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