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Here you find a variety of interesting articles from Nicola Nagel that deal with different topics, e. g. the creation of extraordinary relationship, vocation, feelings or general life topics. The free download is possible by clicking on the pdf symbol.

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2020-05-17 Do Your Personal Relationship-Check: Which Kind of Relationship Are You Living?
2020-04-17 3 Essential Aspects to Manage Crisis More Easily
2020-01-17 4 Steps for a Powerful New Start
2019-11-15 3 Steps to Stop Your Head Spinning
2019-09-17 A Magic Key for a Fulfilling Life
2019-07-15 Which Roles Do You Play In Your Life?
2019-05-14 4 Levels of Enmeshment That Prevent Fulfilling Relationship
2019-03-14 3 Steps to Get Going When You Are Stuck
2019-02-15 Are You Ready for More Liveliness in Your Life?
2019-01-15 Do You Dance in the Fire the Miracle of Life?
2018-12-12 With How Much Baggage Do You Travel Through Life? Do the 4-Body-Baggage-Check!
2018-11-15 The Key to More Closeness and Intimacy in Relationship
2018-10-15 The Powerful Effect of Commitment in Your Life
2018-09-14 3 Important Steps on the Way to Peace of Mind
2018-08-10 3 Essential Steps for Living Your Vision
2018-07-16 On the Way to Extraordinary Relationship: What Kind of Intimacy Do You Live?
2018-05-10 3 Essential Questions for More Energy, Flow and Joy of Life
2018-04-16 How Powerful Are Your Decisions?
2018-03-15 12 Daily Life Tools On The Way to Extraordinary Relationship
2018-01-17 Do You Take a Stand for Your Unique, Brilliant Power?
2017-11-15 How Authentic Are You With Yourself?
2017-09-15 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Do You Have Clarity About Your Shadow Sides?
2017-05-15 Whose Life are You Living?
2017-01-16 How Do You Create Your Life? - About the Power of Declaration
2016-09-15 To Which Degree is Modern Society out of Relationship? - Strengthen Your Personal Ability to Relate.
2016-05-13 5 Essential Components to Keep Your Energy!
2016-03-15 7 Steps to Get Out of Resignation
2015-09-12 Technopenuriaphobia – The Fear of Losing Technology and How You Can Heal It.
2015-07-15 Intensity in Relationship – …and one force that prevents it
2015-05-13 The Crux With Regard to Trust
2015-01-14 New Year’s Pledges Versus Clear Decisions
2014-06-13 Neediness versus necessity in relationship.
2014-05-15 Respect and ‘Being Nice’ exclude each other!
2014-03-16 “Setting Boundaries” versus “Being Right”
2014-01-15 True Values versus Judgment – Are You Creating Togetherness or Separation?  
2013-12-12 Expectations and Resentment Prevent Authentic Intimacy.
2013-10-12 Catharsis versus Cathexis – When things are cooking inside of you…

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